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Next Generation of Allograft Technology

PelloGraft® represents a state-of-the-art dual-layer amnion/chorion derived allograft meticulously designed to promote optimal healing, serving as a protective barrier and reducing complications.

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PelloGraft® Product Details

PelloGraft® is processed in compliance with the United States Food and Drug Administration current Good Tissue Practices (cGTP) Regulations and the American Association of Tissue Banks Standards. We pride ourselves on quality and testing that meet or exceed industry standards.

PelloGraft® has been shown to be effective as a protective covering in the management of chronic non-healing ulcers including diabetic, pressure, and venous ulcers. Our allografts support enhanced tissue adherence along with heightened strength and effortless handling.

PelloGraft® is regulated under Section 361 of the PHS Act and 21 CFR Part 1271 and is intended for homologous use.

HCPCS Code Q4320

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Vented Options & Large Format Sizes
Surgenex® is proud to introduce large format sheet sizes with and without venting, tailored to providers’ needs. Venting allows for greater drainage and less pooling in the wound bed.

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Fresh Tissue Processing
Tissue is collected promptly and delivered fresh for processing to achieve optimal results.

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No Harsh Chemicals or Antibiotics
Our proprietary Excellion® process focuses on harnessing the natural benefits of the tissue with minimal manipulation.

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Meticulous Quality Assurance
Surgenex® takes pride in assuring the highest technical quality and rigorous testing to ensure safety without compromise.

Configuration Options

PelloGraft® comes in the configurations illustrated below. Please note that the sizes below are for illustration only and are not to scale.

2x2 cm

2x3 cm

2x4 cm

4x4 cm

4x6 cm

7x7 cm

4x8 cm

12x15 cm

3.5x2.5 cm - VENTED

4.5x3.5 cm - VENTED

5.5x4.5 cm - VENTED

6.5x5.5 cm - VENTED

7.5x6.5 cm - VENTED

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